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Custom house numbers & letters of architectural-grade aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless or hot-rolled steel are available through this web site. Our site lists numerous standard font styles available from our library. See our Master List. You can submit your own font style if it meets the exacting code of a digital font. These fine address numbers and letters are manufactured to your specifications after you have placed your order. Manufacturing processes include casting metals, cutting flat metal sheets and fabricating stainless steel.


Prices are provided for most items on this site. After choosing a finish from the Home Page pictures or the Finishes drop down menu at the top of each page, chose a font style. Choosing a font style is done by either taping on one of the site's numerous pictures or by tapping a link on one of the font style menus in the "Font Styles" tab at the top of each page. The new, linked font style page will show an enlarged number/letter set for that style. This page will also list the dimensions for various heights of letters in the font style. Finally, this page will contain links for ordering.

The first linked page for ordering will bring up a price list for all heights of the style selected. Each height has two different prices - one price for a "Kit" option and one price for a "Non-Kit" option. After you've chosen your option click the relevant link to start your order.


All our pieces are custom manufactured after we receive prepayment funds. For order less than $2500.00, payment is in U.S. Dollars either by advance check, or PayPal. For custom orders over $2500.00 call for alternatives in addition to advance check. After calling in your custom order we will email to you a detailed receipt describing the goods to be custom manufactured, the amount of the charge for these goods, a confirmation number, projected delivery date, and details of any cancellation or refund policies.


Navigate around this site using both the Menu Drop-Downs at the top of each page and the many other links within each page. TIP: Read the navigating tips on your selected pages. This site is huge with many options. Using these suggestions will ease your way toward understanding these options and help you make the very best choice. We urge you to tap or click extensively, looking at all the possibilities.


The Finishes tab in our Navigation Bar sets out sections for Cast Metals, Cut Metals, & Fabricated Metal introducing the various finishes available in the specific manufacturing processes for metal house numbers. The chips on these pages link the Specification Pages for these various finishes and show illustrative photos.


Our Metals Hardware pages discuss these two types of material that we use to produce our letters and numbers. These sections briefly describe the various available hardware that will be included in your order and will detail the requirements for attaching these fine address numbers & letters to your real estate. Reminder: Be sure and watch the relevant video on either of these pages for your installation method. These videos will guide you in your installation and help you decide which ordering options are best for you.


Unsure of the meaning of a word or phrase? Look it up in the Glossary. If you don't find a satisfactory explanation, call us.


Below is our 800 number that we urge you to use if you want a site walk-through or have other questions. If you are unsure of our descriptions and illustrations and need more information before you decide to purchase our house numbers, please call or click on our Contact Us section for other contact options such as email or fax.  We have assisted numerous clients with their questions.  We will be pleased to assist you. Don't be shy. We're happy to talk to you.