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We strive to provide high-quality, architectural-grade, metal and plastic house & address numbers and letters for real estate identification.  If you have questions about our on-line products, contact us.  If you have questions about other fonts, finishes, metals, or sizes, contact us.

Below is our phone number that we urge you to use if you want a site walk-through or have other questions. If you are unsure of our descriptions and illustrations and need more information before you decide to purchase our house numbers, please call or use other contact options such as email or fax.  We have assisted numerous clients with their questions.  We will be pleased to assist you. Don't be shy. We're happy to talk to you.

As per the language on our Terms of Purchase page, we guarantee our house numbers and letters for the life of the building on which these products are installed. We welcome your questions. We have helped numerous other customers.  We will be pleased to help you.


Orders: Through long experience we find that a conversation with you about your order contributes to your satisfaction . We want to understand your installation environment and your objectives for our product. Then we can help you tailor your order for the long lasting excellence that you should expect.

Email: Do you have a question about other sizes, fonts, or delivery times?
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Phone: 206-522-5539 or 800-618-0444

Thank you for your interest and your business!

Jeffrey B. Kuck