Cut Solid Copper

Polished or Brushed Finish for Cut Copper Numbers & Letters

Prices & Ordering:

Tap desired material's thickness (depth1) number below for prices in that group. 
Click for Photos of Cut, Brushed or Polished Copper.Brushed:
1/8" 1/4" 3/8"
Click for Photos of Cut, Brushed or Polished Copper.Polished:2
  1/8" 1/4" 3/8"

1."Depth": is approximate distance from face to back edge of piece.

2. Polished Metal only available for heights 2" or greater.


Natural Copper house numbers and letters are water-jet cut from flat sheets of copper alloy C11000 (60-75% recycled) in the various thicknesses mentioned in the table above. The faces of these pieces are then brushed or polished. The returns are bead-lasted.

For the final step, the pieces are clear-coated and baked with a glossy 2-part hardened acrylic polyurethane clear coat.

Polished Copper requires (for polishing) that the piece have either welded or traditional studs. Our polished copper pieces in 1/8" stock are available in sizes 3"+ and are priced with welded studs. NOTE: In thicknesses 1/4"+ our polished finish is only available for numbers or letters 2" high or greater.

NOTE: Brushed or Polished Copper address numbers are not suitable for a continuous new copper color/look in high moisture areas, such as constant moisture from a garden sprinkler, or for salt-water, marine environments. Over time, these pieces will turn the traditional old copper green after the deterioration of the polyurethane overcoat. For a continuous new copper hue, consider our Fabricated Copper colored Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel for your beach address.