Fabricated Natural Stainless Steel

Polished or Brushed Finish for Numbers & Letters

Prices & Ordering:

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Link to Images of Natural Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel  Brush/Polish c304:
.5" .75" 1" 1.5"
2" 2.5" 3" 4"
Link to Images of Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel House Numbers  Brush/Polish c316 (marine grade):
.5" .75" 1" 1.5"
2" 2.5" 3" 4"

1. Depth: approximate distance from face to rear edge of piece


Brushed & Polished Natural Stainless Steel fabricated metal house numbers & letters provide a very durable, high-end quality number or letter for your business or residential needs. The stainless steel alloys consists of either c304 or c316. Pieces in this category are recommended for retail or architectural letters or numbers.

Our uncoated natural fabricated numbers & letters up to 24" in height are produced from flat sheets of 24-gauge (returns) and 18/20 gauge (faces) Alloy c304 or c316 Stainless Steel. These alloys allow our plant to precisely cut the various pieces to be welded together.

Alloy c304 provides excellent corrosion resistance, effectively combating tarnishing under most circumstances. We recommend alloy c316 for marine environments, humid conditions, or environments influenced by harsh chemicals. As a rule of thumb, our experts suggest that alloy c316 should be used for environments within 50 miles of a salt-water coast.

REMINDER: Occasionally, clear Stainless Steel will develop rust spots from minute iron particles such as polluting iron dust particles from busy thoroughfares. Your stainless numbers or letters must be maintained by both cleaning and occasional polishing with a quality stainless steel cleaning/polishing agent.