Cast Brushed or Bead-Blasted Solid Aluminum

Brushed or Bead-Blasted Surfaces for Cast Natural Aluminum Address Numbers & Letters


Link to Chip Images of All Finishes Availabe for Aluminum House Numbers & Letters

Brushed Aluminum cast metal house numbers & letters provide a basic aluminum appearance with stroke-sanded faces except for the styles Architectural, Roman Round, and Trajan Bold Prismatic which have bead-blasted finishes. The returns (sides) of the numbers and letters are finished with a bead-blasting technique.

These solid aluminum numbers and letters are molded from prime aluminum ingots of alloy #514 (30%) and internally recycled scrap-trim (70%). Alloy consists of natural aluminum plus 0.35% silicon, 0.5% iron, 0.15% copper, 3.5 to 4.5% magnesium, 0.25% titanium, 0.15% zinc and 0.35% manganese; and, is often referred to as the casting aluminum alloy. Our pieces are produced from sand casting molds.

The numbers and letters are protected with a clear, automotive-quality powder coat. NOTE: Brushed aluminum has a low gloss or, upon request, a high gloss face resulting from the clear-coat.

Hand-sanded aluminum or buffed aluminum are available as custom options. Call us for pricing.

This style differs from Clear Anodized aluminum which has a raw metal face producing a matte finish - compare the dime's reflection in the example above with that of the Clear-Anodized finish.

WARRANTY EXCEPTION:Brushed address numbers are not warranted for high moisture areas, such as constant moisture from a garden sprinkler, or for salt-water, marine environments. If you are unsure about the extent of your moisture, chose Clear-Anodized Aluminum.  Its appearance is similar and we will warrant your pieces in such high moisture or salt-water environments.

Also consider our Stainless Steel for your beach addresses or other moist environments.