Cast Oxidized Bronze

Specifications for Cast Oxidized Bronze Numbers & Letters


View large images of bronze finishes availabe for house numbers & lettersView large images of bronze finishes availabe for house numbers & lettersOxidized Bronze address numbers and letters provide a medium or dark bronze finish. The flat-faced oxidized numbers and letters are finished by stroke sanding; Architectural, Roman Round, and Trajan Bold Prismatic faces are bead-blasted. The returns are bead-blasted, then painted a very dark brown.

As a final step the numbers and letters are coated and baked with a 2-part hardened acrylic polyurethane clear coat. This clear-coating produces a low-gloss, mildly reflective surface.

Hand-sanded bronze is available as a custom option. Call us for pricing.

Cast Oxidized Bronze is composed of NAVY-G (88-8-0-7) (nominal: Cu 88 Sn 8 Zn 4) bronze alloy. NOTE: These pieces are solid bronze.

NOTE: The oxidized bronze finish will darken over time. This process is accelerated in damp or marine environments. For a fixed color of medium or dark bronze oxidation, please consider medium or dark-bronze anodized aluminum.