Cast Patina Bronze

Traditional Verde or Turquoise Patina for Numbers & Letters


Link: Collections of Chips of Bronze Finishes for Bronze House Numbers & Letters

Patina Bronze house numbers and letters provide a weathered look for cast numbers and letters. The patinas are created by by chemicals and heat to produce 2 different shades - Traditional Verde, and Turquoise. After creating the patina the pieces are clear-coated and baked.

As in nature, the pattern of the patina and the hue will vary unpredictably from one cast item to another. Hence, our photos serve as general targets for hues and patterns. These hues and patterns can vary significantly. Do not assume that the images on this page will be exactly reproduced in your ordered items.

Each house number will be one-of-a-kind in appearance. Please note that the Patina finish is not available for the Architectural or Roman Round style sets.

Reminder: Cast Patina Bronze has a more intense color that Cut Patina Bronze. See these Cut Patina Bronze Photos for this difference in intensity.

The bronze of our cast pieces is Alloy Navy G (nominal: Cu 88 Sn 8 Zn 4) .

Note: Patina Bronze is grouped with Polished Bronze in the same price category.