Polished Cast Bronze

Specifications for Cast Polished Bronze Numbers & Letters


Polished Cast Bronze provides house numbers with a polished face. The returns are stroke-sanded to remove unwanted extrusions after removal from the mold. These pieces are clear-coated and baked with a glossy 2-part hardened acrylic polyurethane clear coat.

Our solid cast bronze numbers and letters are produced prime ingots of NAVY G 88-8-0-4 (nominal: Cu 88 Sn 8 Zn 4).

WARRANTY EXCEPTION: Polished cast bronze address numbers are not warranted for high moisture areas, such as constant moisture from a garden sprinkler, or for salt-water, marine environments.

For a similar cut metal appearance that we will warrant in such salt-water environments, chose gold-anodized aluminum. If you prefer, we can clear-coat the gold-anodized aluminum so that it will have a glossy appearance similar to Brushed Bronze.Also consider our Stainless Steel for your beach addresses.