Hardware Options for Plastic Numbers & Letters

Illustrations and Demonstrations for Using Hardware for Plastic Numbers & Letters

1. Standard Pad Hardware for Molded Plastic or Flat Cut Acrylic

Formed Plastic with Pad Hardware - View of Pads
Rear View of Plastic Letter with Pads

Pad Mount in a Nutshell

Mounting pads are affixed to the inside rear of the letter. The pads are covered with silicone adhesive and pressed against a clean mounting surface. The letter is held in place with masking tape for at least 12 hours.

This mounting hardware is best for indoor locations. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HARDWARE FOR EXTERIOR LOCATIONS.

Installation Procedure

This video applies to both molded CAB or flat-cut acrylic.

2. Standard Stud Hardware

Formed Plastic Number with Stud Hardware - View of studs

Rear View of plastic letter with Studs

Aluminum studs thread into a receptacle on the inside rear of your number or letter.  You install as per the video below. Stud installation for molded plastic or acrylic is the same procedure as for metals.

Installation Procedure

This video applies to both molded and flat-cut plastic numbers & letters.

3. Combination Mount: Adjustable Stud/Pad Hardware for Plastics

Formed Plastic House Number with Studs & Pads All Hardware - View of studs and pads hardware

Plastic Letter with Adjustable Pads

Formed Plastic Hardware with Stud-Pad Combination

Plastic Letter with Fixed & Adjustable Pads
"Stud-Pad Combination"

Combination Mount in a Nutshell

The illustrations above, first, show a fixed stud example with adjustable pads both top and bottom. The adjustable pads allow for a floating number/letter or to accommodate a an uneven surface.

The second example, showing fixed pads on the bottom and adjustable pads with studs on the top reduces the number of holes that must be drilled into your surface. Folks with plastic siding frequently prefer this option.

Installation Procedure

This video applies to both molded and flat-cut plastic numbers & letters.

4. Flat Acrylic Mounting Hardware1

Image of Flush Stud Mount for Cut Acrylic
Flush Studs2
Standard Mount
Image of Stand-Off Stud Mount for Cut Acrylic
Standoff Studs3
Standard Mount
Image of Double-Sided Tape Mount for Cut Acrylic
Double-Sided Tape5
Standard Mount
Image of Stand-Off Pad Mount for Cut Acrylic
Standoff Pads3
Optional Mount
Image of Stand-Off Stud-Pad Combo Mount for Cut Acrylic
Stud-Pad Combo3, 4
Optional Mount
Image of Standoff Stud-Pad All Mount for Cut Acrylic
Standoff Stud-Pad All3,4
Optional Mount

1 "Standard mount" includes numbers or letters without hardware (plain).

2 Available for Depths 1/4" +

3 Stroke of character must be 1/2" or more. Stud bosses & pads are c. 13/32" (or more upon request), making the default standoff for this option a minimum c. 13/32" or greater if so requested.

4 Not Available for Numbers or Letters Under 6".

5 Not Recommended for Exterior Locations.

5. Hardware Included in a Plastics Order

  • Your order will include your numbers and letters and either pads, or aluminum mounting studs (either fixed or adjustable) that are threaded so that the studs will screw into receptacles on the reverse side of each number or letter.
  • We will also include, combination hardware if you so request, and/or nuts for the all-thread studs for mounting on plaques.
  • For other available installation accessories, see our Kit Install or Non-Kit Install pages.