Kit Option

Illustrations and Demonstrations for Kit Orders

Your Kit Order Will Include the Following:

1. A Dimensioned, Kerned Preview Drawing:

Sample of a full-scale preview drawing emailed to you prior to commencing production

Sample of a full-scale preview drawing emailed to you prior to commencing production.

2. Your kit box will contain your requested hardware, adhesive, and a mounting template as seen in the below videos:

Installation Procedure

This video uses all of the standard supplies that are included with our Kit option.

3. Tap for images and discussion of Metal Hardware

4. Detailed Explanation of Your Kit Order

Our kit order is designed so that you can make a good decision about size and configuration of the products you wish to purchase. Ordering the wrong size is the most frequent mistake made by our customers. Our kit ordering system is designed to avoid these costly "size" mistakes and to help you with easy installation.

NOTE: To make sure that you are ordering the correct size for the location where you want to install your address set, we will, within one working day after your order (and before we commence production) deliver to you a proof, consisting of a digital PDF, full-scaled, dimensioned drawing showing the letters and/or numbers that you ordered and the layout of these items with our professional kerning. After you have reviewed our proposed layout, we welcome any modifications to better suit your needs.

Your Box Will Include:

  • When your order ships we will include pursuant to the proof sent as mentioned above, a paper mounting template with your number/letter outlines positioned on it. The outlines each contain the precise location for the mounting studs that will attach to the rear of each number or letter.

  • Your order will include your numbers and letters and aluminum mounting studs (stainless studs for stainless pieces) that are threaded so that the studs will screw into receptacles on the reverse side of each number or letter. We will also include, at no extra charge, standoff spacers if you so request, and/or nuts for the all-thread studs for mounting on plaques.

  • We include a quantity of rubberized silicone glue to affix the mounting studs to your the installation location.

  • Finally, we include a step-by-step installation guide.