Formed Plastic Numbers & Letters

Sample Profiles & Molding Method


Formed plastic house numbers are available as solid, pigmented plastic in Numerous Colors. Formed plastic has the most extensive style types available for all our molded house numbers and letters.

Formed letters and numbers can also be painted our Standard Paint Hues or a hue that you supply via either a recognized color chart or a submitted sample. Call us for a quote.

Our thermo-formed plastic numbers and letters are molded from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate.  CAB is a highly impact-resistant plastic used for thermoforming a variety of manufactured products. CAB is made from cotton and wood fibers. 55-65% is recycled. All internal scrap is recycled.

Thermo-forming creates numbers and letters by vacuum-drawing heated sheet plastic over wood forms.

Watch the video for manufacturing process for the formed plastic numbers and letters.
Video loads slowly:

Formed Plastic

Posted by Gemini on Thursday, March 14, 2013