Numbers & Letters in Injection-Molded Plastic

All Available Styles & Molding Method


Injection-molded plastic is available in Numerous Colors. We also provide custom colors and sheens for these address letters and numbers. If you wish a custom color contact us for a quote. Reminder: White (5687) or black (2025) are manufactured from solid white or black plastic. The other available colors are spray-painted and then cured under heat.

Our injection-molded plastic numbers and letters are molded from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate.  CAB is a highly impact-resistant plastic used for thermoforming a variety of manufactured products. CAB is made from cotton and wood fibers. 55-65% is recycled. All internal scrap is recycled.

Injection-Molding creates numbers and letters by forcing heated liquid CAB into closed aluminum molds machined to create numbers and letters that, when installed, appear similar in shape to our cast metals.

These injection-molded pieces have the same guarantee as our other products. See our warranty in our Terms of Purchase section.