Non-Kit Option

Illustrations and Demonstrations for Installing Numbers & Letters

1. Your Non-Kit Set, without adding other accessories, will include the Numbers or Letters, the Requested Mounting Hardware, and a Generic Drill Pattern.

Rear View of Helvetica Gold-Anodized Letter with studs & 1/4 inch standoff spacers

Rear View with Studs & 1/4" Standoff Spacers

Typical Installed Cast Letter Side View

Standard Wall-Mount

Installation Procedure

This video uses Non-Kit letters and hardware plus other accessories that you can order separately.

2. Detailed Explanation of What Your Non-Kit Order Includes

Contents of Non-Kit: For our customers who are familiar with letter sizes, spacing requirements, and installation procedures, we provide the option to purchase our products as a factory set. Your non-kit order will always include your requested numbers or letters, their mounting hardware (studs,spacers, nuts if needed), and a plant drill pattern. NOTE: the plant drill pattern is not created by Accurate Image and you will have no preview of it until your order arrives.

Suggested Accessory: In addition, you may order, at additional cost, the following: If you purchase our numbers or letters as a factory set (Non Kit), you will typically need adhesive in addition to the above. Our adhesive is a silicone adhesive commonly used by the sign industry for such installation. The adhesive is available in two sizes: a 2.8 oz squeeze tube recommended for up to 4 numbers or letters; and a 10 oz push tube (requires a caulking gun) recommended for up to 15 numbers or letters.